ForexValley Tech Integrates with Vibefin Regulatory Reporting system

ForexValley Tech Integrates with Vibefin Regulatory Reporting system

Vibefin Tech Launches Accord with ForexValley Tech, Enhancing EMIR Solution. The joint accord will help undercut costs for clients that can circumvent traditional platform restraints. 

Vibefin is a transaction reporting automation service serving retail brokers, prime brokers and any entity required to report for EMIR/ MiFIR and other regulations. With its global partnerships, seamless technology and effective integration; clients can now rest assured they are complying and at the same time eliminate human errors and operational risk.

The Vibefin solution truly automates every single part of the process. Utilising a ground-up in-house algorithmic logic, the system extracts raw data and enriches this in a fashion where the endless combinations of asset classes/derivative type transactions are streamlined to comply with ESMA guidelines. Vibefin can either integrate directly with a platform or alternatively a pre-defined database. Once integration is finalised and a few static data provided then the client can sit back and track their every single trade reported on the Vibefin Visual Dashboard to ensure they are complying. Furthermore, the dashboard can provide various historical analytics which the customer can utilise to project transactions, volume and depth.

ForexValley has partnered with Vibefin to offer their solution via the all-encompassing FX suite offered by ForexValley. ForexValley Technologies Ltd is a trading platform vendor offering to dealers/brokers a full-suite package consisting of a FIX API Matching and Pricing Engine, a Trading Platform, a WebTrader, a CRM tool, an Admin/Config tool, a Risk Tool, a Marketing/Sales widgets as well as many payment systems integration. This brings huge savings as clients do not have to incur platform costs from using numerous vendors. The platform can be connected with any liquidity provider, such as prime broker or prime of prime and best of all as everything is built in-house it can be tailor-made to a client’s needs.

Vibefin clients who want to have one comprehensive solution can easily get in touch with ForexValley to have the full suite package and vice-versa. Brokers/banks purchasing the ForexValley solution can now meet all their reporting obligations free of integration costs and at ease can connect to all elements of a trade, from customer to liquidity provider to obtain all vital to be reported information.

CEO of Vibefin Andreas Zarifis notes “I truly believe we have the one of strongest solutions in the market and with ForexValley, their strength, offering and flexibility we can provide our reporting solution without the need for customers to wait for integration or incur integration costs. This is a large saving considering the high capital impact EMIR has on new brokers entering the market or existing brokers with various vendors and IT legacy systems, especially with MiFIDII in the horizon.”