XValley Exchanger Liquidity Bridge

Choose Top of the Book or Full Book prices

Flexibility and Customisation all around

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Connect multiple pricing channels from Banks, Exchanges, Liquidity Providers or ECNs.

Fast Pricing

Receive 5,000 prices per second and choose how many should the client view per Instrument.

Full Book

Get the depth of the market with Full Book or display only Top of the Book prices.


Customise Instruments and receive only what you like.

Build on FIX Protocol

Get more flexibility with the FIX protocol as you are free to use as you wish.


Our Engine can provide pricing for FX, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Futures and Options.

Platform independent

Connects the pricing with any platform of your choice.

Execution Management System

Our EMS can connect to many different API dialects and can provide advance deal matching.


Our Matching/Trading Engine can provide execution for FX, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Futures and Options.

Market Making

Choose to book the trades on your side with advance risk configurations.


Send all trades directly to A book and view exposure and coverage in the real time risk tool.


Choose the execution to hedge or not hedge depending on your client needs.

Batch Trading

Send all trades together or one-by-one, configure as per your needs.

Copy Trading

Duplicate trades on multiple accounts with ratios and margins.

Platform independent

Connect the execution with any platform of your choice.

Build on FIX Protocol

Get more flexibility with the FIX protocol as you are free to use as you wish.

Trading Platform

Let your clients enjoy our lightning fast fully customizable WebTrader built upon the needs of a sophisticated trader. No downloads needed. Compatible with all operating systems and browsers.


Manage your sales force and clients through our advanced and fully featured CRM built from the ground up with a focus on increasing sales efficiency and conversion rates.


Monitor client positions in real time and use advanced analytics to view a snapshot of your exposure

Mobile Apps

Let your clients experience the power of our Exchanger platform on the go with our custom-built native apps available for Android and iOS devices. Developed from the ground up for user friendliness and seamless navigation from one section to the next.

Social & MAM

Boost your volumes and customer engagement with our social trading and MAM offering. Just add your Leader traders or Managers and let your clients choose


View a snapshot of the from our Dashboard which includes advanced charting and analytics or view detailed reports from our 16 ready-made reports


Enjoy fast deployment times with our multitude of integrations including:

  • Payment service providers
  • Liquidity providers
  • VoIP providers
  • Affiliates (Lead) providers

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