Choosing the Best Technology Solution

Choosing the Best Technology Solution

Keep it simple. Avoid multiple vendors. Choose a full broker suite. Maybe the only true full broker suite in the world.

A true full broker suite will serve your needs better than any other legacy platform. This is because choosing a full broker suit that offers all the components needed to run a brokerage in the cloud, simply works better than any maze of third party of integrations.

Using different vendors will complicate the solution and create integration issues. Your time and operations will be wasted managing external teams.

Our team has been in the industry for 15 years working with the biggest companies all around the world. This team has created XValley Technologies 5 years ago. We have developed components for all kind of platforms and systems related to trading, banking and payments.

We have built 21 components for XValley Exchanger a true full broker suite, that can be used separately or be integrated together to a seamless broker suite.

You can work with us
Our technology has been developed to be flexible and this allows us to cater for the different needs of every client. We have no client using our system in the same way. Whether you are a small family office or treasury desk.

Or a huge brokerage with multiple active accounts and require many liquidity providers and banks integrated. Or you want to connect to an exchange or to a fast price feed like a crypto exchange feed.

You can work with us. Our APIs are so flexible that any requirement can be accommodated.

Advantages of using a full broker suite include:

  1. everything is integrated already,
  2. everything is connected with native APIs,
  3. everything is accessible from a single interface.

Full Broker Suite – The components
We list the main components out of the 21 we offer, and that a brokerage requires to operate. All the components can be used together or individually to match your specific needs and setup.

Trading Platform
Let your clients enjoy our light, fully customizable to match your brand(s) trading platform. No downloads needed, compatible with all operating systems and browsers.

CRM (plus IBs, Affiliates, Branch, Brand portal)
Manage your sales force, IBs, affiliates, branches, brands and clients through our advanced and fully featured CRM built from the ground up with a focus on increasing sales efficiency and conversion rates. Get a full referral system with automate generation of links and payments. Our CRM supports multiple brands in case you operate through more than one.

Flexible OMS (Order Execution Management System) with many dialects, already integrated to all the leading Liquidity Providers, Banks, Exchanges and ECNs. Get fast, reliable pricing processing of more than 5,000 prices per second. Create aggregated feeds based on multiple providers and your asset mix.

Risk Management
Monitor and manage client positions and exposure in real time. Use advanced analytics to view snapshots of the key risk metrics instantly.

Mobile Apps
Let your clients trade on the go with our custom-built native apps available for Android and iOS devices. Developed for user friendliness and seamless navigation from one action to the next.

Social / MAM / Portfolio Trading
Boost your volumes and customer engagement with our social trading and MAM offering. Just add your Leader traders or Managers and let your clients choose.

Activity Reporting
View snapshots instantly from our Dashboard which includes advanced charting for visualization and analytics, or go in-depth and view detailed reports from our 16 ready-made reports. Even better, ask us for a specific report you need if we don’t already offer it.

Enjoy fast deployment times with our multitude of integrations including 25+ Payment service providers, 20+ Liquidity providers, 5+ VoIP providers and 10+ Affiliates providers.

External plugins
We have a library of our own external plugins for you to use and we can also build on request anything needed.

You can work with us. Feel free to contact us for more details or request for a demo.

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