How to Run a Crypto Node

How to Run a Crypto Node

Learn about running Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (token) node. XValley has staked its commitment to cryptocurrencies and decentralised blockchain technology by creating nodes for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other Ethereum ERC tokens such as Tether.

Crypto Nodes

Nodes are now becoming increasingly popular as they provide advanced services and governance on the blockchain. The more of them existing within a network, the safer it is. For example, the more Bitcoin nodes there are, the more secure the Bitcoin network is. For cryptocurrency brokers, running a node is also a beneficial way to increase returns.

According to some, when considering cryptocurrencies in terms of their ranking, investors should look at the number of nodes instead of their market capitalisation. This means that Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the highest-ranking cryptos with the biggest number of nodes.

Creating a node for Bitcoin and Ethereum the opportunity to capitalise is offered not only in the highest-ranking cryptos but also on all the ERC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, such as Tether, one of the cryptocurrencies pegged to the US dollar.

Services and Management Functions

XValley’s nodes support all types of transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals while providing management functions.

For instance, the Ethereum node supports all tokens and can issue and manage smart contracts. ERC tokens are smart contracts running on top of the Ethereum blockchain and can act as digital assets in the Ethereum ecosystem. With XValley's Ethereum node, you will be able to issue and manage your smart contracts and perform any service, not just financial ones.

Smart contracts are now being used by a variety of industries to execute anything from non-financial services to insurance, credit authorisation, legal processes and ICOs. They have already been applied to healthcare to transfer patient data and to governing procedures to make voting transparent and secure. In other instances, ERC contracts can tokenise physical assets such as real estate, with tokens representing fractional assets that can be traded in the market in a frictionless and simplified way.

In short, the possibilities are endless, and your company can adopt the technology and innovate its operations by adding extra layers of security, efficiency and transparency, thus removing intermediaries, decentralising and generating value.