Guide To Outsourcing Your IT Department

Guide To Outsourcing Your IT Department

As the world evolves and new technologies, trends and business conditions change, many businesses choose to outsource their IT department and services to maximise profits, gain access to the latest technology and remain competitive.

In the last years, small and mid-size businesses to gain a competitive edge and match the in-house IT services that large companies maintain, have sought to outsource their IT department. But this is not all, even if you are a big company, the benefits of outsourcing IT are endless and range from increased productivity to lower operational costs and improved services offered round the clock.

By trusting an independent third party and using their expertise and state-of-the-art technology, ensures that businesses can focus on the issues that matter to them while remaining flexible and embracing change that a forward-thinking IT company can bring.

Even if IT is an essential, strategic and critical part of your business, this does not mean that you must take a conventional approach and keep your IT department in-house. Instead, outsourcing your IT to a company that has expertise while providing high-quality services for less, offers an extremely strategic advantage and can potentially be a remarkably successful solution.


Reasons that outsourcing your IT department is hugely beneficial to your business

  1. Outsourcing your IT department means that you will be able to tap into invaluable resources and years of experience that your business otherwise lacks. By being able to get access to the knowledge and expertise of an IT company, your company will be able to develop and compete while updating and optimising itself and adapting to new realities. By improving your IT services, you will be able to improve other aspects of your business and secure their smooth operation, bringing all functions up to date.


  1. From designing, building and running the technology within your company, an outsourced IT department will be able to deliver all three, as it will have experts in all areas and will efficiently update and enhance different aspects as and when it is needed to meet the business's needs.


  1. Your business can focus on what it does best and let the IT company deal with managing your infrastructure, support and saving you valuable time and money. An IT company will be equipped to identify, assess and control potential threats to your organisation's digital assets. They will have the experience to protect your business, identify threats and vulnerabilities and implement risk reduction efforts. Hence, you can focus on your core strengths and safeguard your data and your customers' confidence.


Outsourcing means 24-hour support

Outsourcing means that you have cost-effective 24-hour support of a full technical team which will ensure you are at all times covered, whether that is in terms of your systems operating efficiently or your private data is secured from hacking. In particular, technology companies could benefit immensely from an outsourced IT company which will have hacking protocols or disaster recovery plans to be able to respond to unexpected technological breaches or catastrophes.


How to choose the right company

Ιt is best to do your research and find the most competitive company that will be able to offer the right solution to your business as well as support, so your business can operate smoothly without disruptions and downtime.

Take the right decision

An increasing number of businesses are turning towards outsourcing their whole IT departments because experience has told them that in the current environment taking chances costs valuable time and funds, but grasping an opportunity means saving resources and making reliable long-term decisions.

Outsourcing an IT department poses such an opportunity because it will allow your business to reduce costs, including training and hiring staff, by entrusting a qualified and certified team of IT professionals that will provide up-to-date secure and compliant solutions and allow you to do what is best for your business while having peace of mind.

XValley Technologies is such an outsourcing company with years of experience and a comprehensive broker suite, core banking and cryptocurrency solution tailored to financial and banking companies. With cost-effective solutions, professionals with years of experience in the sector and specialists, they will ensure that your business has everything it needs to respond to the conditions of today's highly changing and demanding business environment.

XValley Technologies is the right partner to get your business to the next level, ensure you have everything it takes to succeed and confidently compete in your space.  


Bespoke IT Solution for Brokers

If you are operating within the financial industry or you are considering starting your business in the finance space, offering a foreign exchange, multi-asset, and cryptocurrency services. In that case, XValley is a high-quality IT company that can help you enter the industry.

They can provide solid planning, clear objectives and tailored software to meet your business's specific requirements. Staffed by experts and veteran professionals with years of experience in their fields, have diverse experience and background to respond to any needs or potential issues. Delivering bespoke services is the ideal choice in the aggressive and ever-changing finance industry.

XVallley can provide a full broker suite, including all the software modules and multi-asset capabilities. It will also be able to provide the whole infrastructure and have thought out and expanded on the intricacies and tiniest details of developing, running and maintaining an online brokerage, having the capability to connect to multiple liquidity providers, offer support to open bank accounts or even provide guidance when it comes to compliance and potential risks.

Crypto solutions

With so many crypto companies and crypto startups, it is tough to remain competitive in today's market. XValley can enhance your offering and provide the security required to operate successfully through state-of-the-art cryptocoin management systems that can run any crypto exchange, from retail to corporate, while also integrating crypto payments in your existing solution.

Digital Banking solution

If you want to create your Bank or EMI, XValley can help you own a complete digital banking solution. Starting from core banking to mobile apps, they can provide all features needed to run a banking institution.

The system has transfer management, account management, FX rates and multi-currency account, cards management. It supports both SEPA and SWIFT payments, as well all protocol like VISA and MasterCard.

The Back-office offers customer management, transaction management and monitoring for risk and compliance, full reports and accounting, and alerts and limits.

Your clients will be able to manage their accounts and transfers, issue and use cards, and set their personal details.

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